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Alvic is a technological benchmark in the energy sector. On the occasion of its 35th birthday, it decided to develop a new website and update the image of its products. They asked us for an aesthetic change that would keep them at the forefront of the sector and in line with the concept of a technological and innovative company that they have been proving to be for years.
  • Branding
  • Signage
  • Web design
  • Advertising
  • Stands
Before Suki With Suki
Before After
The evolution of Alvic's identity that we propose at Suki requires giving coherence and unity to all products and corporate pieces.
We unified typography and iconography, and established a specific colour code based on blue and grey tones. The two diagonals of the Alvic symbol take centre stage and help us to create a visual graphic game.
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Through an iconographic system, we differentiate the four main groups that make up Alvic: Service stations, Distribution centres, Fleet management and Electrical charging.

Service stations

Distribution centres

Fleet management

Electrical charge

Alvic's new website responds to an improvement in usability, both for desktop and mobile, and functions as a digital showcase for the wide range of products that make up its four major groups.
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In short, an evolution of Alvic's identity, which is also noticeable at the trade fairs and stands in which it participates every year.
Rendering and 3D: Pep Crous